Episode 25: Wild Ride

Noted economists Michael Pettis and Dambisa Moyo go head to head with contrasting forecasts for China’s demand for hard commodities, a historically speculative market.

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Episode 24: The Great Helmsmen

Kerry Brown, professor of Chinese politics at the University of Sydney, shares his expectations for China’s new leadership in a speech to the Hopkins-China Forum in Shanghai.

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Episode 23: March of the penguin

Ana talks with Gabrielle Coyne, Asia-Pacific CEO of Penguin, about China’s literary appetite and battling piracy inside one of the world’s largest emerging book markets.

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Episode 22: Inside China’s booming e-commerce market

Jake and Minuri talk with Alan Tien, the general manager of PayPal China, about the booming e-commerce industry and how the company is shifting strategy to focus on cross-border transactions.

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Episode 21: Rolling back China’s state-owned enterprises

Ana talks with Mark Williams, the chief Asia economist at Capital Economics, about the state-owned enterprises that dominate the Chinese economy. Are SOEs a cornerstone of the Chinese economy, or a dangerous departure from former reform legacies, and what reforms can be undertaken to roll them back?

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Episode 20: China and the US election

A conversation with US China scholar Ken Lieberthal of the DC think tank the Brookings Institution and author of Bending History: Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy, on the implications of the upcoming US election for the most important trade relationship of the 21st century.

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Episode 19: A conversation with Morgan Stanley’s Ruchir Sharma

Ana discusses where China’s growth story is headed with Ruchir Sharma, head of emerging markets at Morgan Stanley and the author of the new book, Breakout Nations.

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Episode 18: Merging Tudou and Youku; Has the RMB hit bottom? Interest rate reform through sketchy wealth management products

Pete, Ana and Chris get together again to chat about the hot topics of the week. Pete and Ana consider whether the Youku-Tudou merger will add value. Chris discusses the decision to widen the currency trading band and why the decision to let Japan buy Chinese bonds is more significant. Then all three wade into the topic of Chinese wealth management products – are they a pyramid scheme? A weird way to liberalize interest rates? Both?

NOTE: The views expressed in this podcast are the personal, casual opinions of the journalists and do not express the positions of their respective employers.

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Episode 17: What’s next for the Alibaba Group? A conversation with Zeng Ming

2011 was rough for Alibaba, and 2012 is off to a rocky start. Last year a scandal rocked Alibaba.com, the company’s only listed subsidiary; this year a (rumored) attempt to take Alibaba.com off the Hong Kong Board was (temporarily) stymied by yet another squabble with major shareholder Yahoo. Now the bid is back on, but delisting, however sensible, is more indicative of the difficulty investors had understanding the company than anything else. Zeng Ming, Chief Strategy Officer at Alibaba Group, explains his vision of the future of Chinese e-commerce, Alibaba’s role in China, and then answered some uncomfortable questions.

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Episode 16: Who’s afraid of an International Board?

Zhao Xingge of CEIBS on why every time regulators start talking about allowing international companies to list in China, local share prices collapse

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